Monday, September 18, 2017


Every once in a while, this little girl cozies up to me and whispers, “you are the best mama in the world.” This is so far from true, but for some wonderful reason, there are moments in time this little girl believes in me and my ability.

There is something I am learning from her, something that I can take and apply to every relationship I have and every stranger I meet.

What if I think the very best of them.  The person that seems to disagree with me, the person that looks different from me, the person that ascribes to different beliefs, the person that can squash my feelings by standing firm.

What if I look at them and value them solely because God created their souls.  God saw fit to allow their paths to cross mine not be accident but for some purpose. 

Seeing people through His eyes is not seeing through them but into them.  Picking up their stories and holding them sacred.   Learning and loving, instead of winning and losing.

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