Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I have said it and I have heard it perhaps a hundred or more times.
“All we can do.”

It has been said so much regarding prayer, I am now reading authors, Christian authors, critique the thought.
“All we can,” they say, “is not all we can do.”
Perhaps it’s semantics.

Is it the can to which we object.  Prayer is rarely all we can do.  We can send notes, text encouragement, raise money, stand up or sit down.
Perhaps it is not the can but the should.

If we framed every decision, every thought, every action in prayer, what would change?

CS Lewis once said, “It doesn’t change God – it changes me.”
How else are we transformed to the mind of Christ, but through prayer?

When we are consumed in worry, it is prayer that brings peace. When we are defeated in despair, it is prayer that brings hope.

I cannot travel to Syria or Las Vegas and change hearts.  Prayer can.

I think of prayer as existing at my table, the spot in which I pray.  My prayers no more exist there than those I pray for.  Prayer travels, it is the supernatural passport of a healing and halleluiahs.

The only thing that resides where we pray is us.  Our hearts, our minds, our spirits become clay to a God who never tires of remaking and remolding and reconfiguring broken, fractured faith.

Perhaps we change our language from “all we can” to “can we all.”  Let’s start there and see where He takes us.

Should we fight injustice? yes, should we raise money?  probably, should we love?  always, should we pray?    Constantly, fervently, with everything our heart has.

It is prayer that avails, it is prayer that changes, resolves, and reveals.  It is ALL because it points us to the Everything, the Holy, the Change maker, the Healer, the Miracle Worker.

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